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In 2012 On Top Metals Inc. was formed to bring a new level of excellence to the installation of metal roofing and metal wall systems. We have been completing quality sheet metal installs in and around Edmonton for over a decade. Here at On Top Metals we strive to keep up with an ever changing list of available products and perfecting the installs of each.

Sheet Metal roofing and wall systems have been around a long time, some 100 year old roofs still protect the buildings they sit on. Like everything else, experience and technology has only made a better product over the last 100 years.

The one major issue with the integrity of metal roofing and cladding has always been the complexity of the install, especially when it comes to penetrations in the system. This is where On Top Metals Inc. excels. With proper systems of custom flashing around penetrations and cut outs we seal everything with metal first and caulking (sealant) last. Proper exterior caulking has proven to last upwards of 25 years without any signs of degradation but it should always be the metal that is doing 99% of the job.
  What We Do

     Metal Roofing - Standing Seam, Exposed Fastener, Architectural Stone Coated Panels 
     Wall Cladding - AL 13, Vicwest products, Metal Experts products, others. 
     Custom Flashing - Flat Roof Cap Flashing and associated counter flashing, custom brake shapes. 
     Soffit and Fascia - aluminum and steel

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