Sheet Metal Roofing

Sheet Metal Roofing
Have you lived in a house for 15-20 years before? What is the one thing in the house that has to be replaced no questions asked – the roof. If your house had some high winds or lots of hail, it may have even been twice.

Benefits of metal roofs: 
100% recyclable, highly durable (realistic 50-100 year lifespan depending on material used), very low weight (less than 2 pounds per square foot compared to 12-19 lbs/sqft for other lifetime products), good in high wind conditions, the integrity of the system is not compromised in a hail storm, fire resistant . Excluding copper, metal roofs are ideal for rain water collection.

A metal roof can also have a very positive impact on your summer energy consumptions. With almost all colours of metal exceeding current LEED specifications of the Solar reflective index, air conditions cost and in home comfort will be noticeable in the summer.

Standing seam roof 
Our leading product is our 1.5” mechanical standing seam roof system. With a standing seam roof we use a no exposed fastener system and industry standard flashing to provide a roof that literally has nowhere to leak. When installed correctly it will be a roof that you never have to worry about again in your life.

We will get the colour of your choice in the width of your choice and come to your house and roll form your roof right in your driveway. We can get all the supplies you will need and build the flashings required for you to do it yourself. If you install metal roofs for a living we would be glad to provide the same services at all of your jobs.

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